In this season of NEETFLIX: Prescribed for success! Expect a lot more, Ask a lot more. Season 2 is two times more of tips, tricks, motivation and answers to all your questions related to NEET. In this season, you will not only get your weekly mentor for NEET but also some highly experienced experts contributing in the field of education for more than a decade who will help you get a right direction and approach in your journey towards NEET. First time ever, the National Academic Directors will connect with you through NEETFLIX and answer your doubts and queries related to NEET. Your dream to crack NEET is our responsibility now. Just tune in to our Facebook page every Thursday at 7 PM.


NEETFLIX: Season 1





NEETFLIX is an online series of webisodes especially made to guide students in every step of their way to NEET. The purpose of developing NEETFLIX is to give all the medical aspirants a weekly mentor to help them fight their doubts, fears, breakdowns and obstacles in the journey of NEET. There always comes a point in a student’s life when they feel like talking to mentors who are like friends rather than teachers, who can listen to their ordinary problems and give them a way of doing better.

NEETFLIX is inspired by a lot of medical aspirants fighting with themselves daily in order to achieve their goal. It is meant to be a guiding series; students can turn towards whenever they feel low or want support or right advice for the best preparation of NEET. We come up every week with relevant issues and their solutions, students deal with in their journey of becoming a doctor!

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