Various Scholarships at Aakash


Aakash has always carried along a set of values that are firmly embedded in its work culture. At Aakash, we have always believed that it is our responsibility towards society to enlighten it with the lamp of knowledge. Instilled with this spirit of responsibility, Aakash is always doing its bit in helping scholar students realizing their dreams. 

Aakash Institute offers scholarships to meritorious students for pursuing Classroom Programs or DLP / Digital programs through its various study centres spread throughout the country. Scholarships range from 5% to 100% fee waiver, based on the eligibility & brilliance of the student. 

The Scholarships at Aakash are offered to the students broadly divided into three categories: 

  • Merit Scholarships (Scholarship on Merit basis) 
  • Other Scholarships (Scholarship for Special cases)  
  • Ex-Aakashians Scholarship (Scholarship for Ex-Aakashians)  

Merit Scholarships are given solely on the basis of a Student’s Performance in - 

  1. Admission Cum Scholarship Test (ACST) / Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE) / National Eligibility and Scholarship Test (NEST) 
  2. Class VIII / IX / X and/or Class XII Mark system, 
  3. Class X Grade system, 
  4. NTSE and KVPY scholarship exams, 
  5. HBCSE and Mathematical Olympiads, 
  6. NEET and JEE (Main & Advanced) entrance exams 

These scholarships vary according to different conditions and the marks obtained. Generally the marks obtained in Mathematics, Science, Biology and MAT in respective exams are the deciding factors as to what scholarship a student will be awarded. These scholarships act as a motivational factor for students who are hard-working and wish to get trained for competitive exams. 

Other Scholarships are given in some Special Cases as -  

  1. Single Parent/ Divorcee: Suitable consideration is given to the student, who has lost his/her father and is being raised by his/her mother only. This facility will be given to the wards of female divorcee also. 
  2. Sibling: Due consideration is given to student, who already have a sibling studying in any of the classroom courses at Aakash. 
  3. Defence / Police: Appropriate Scholarship is given to the ward of various Defence Personnel who are currently serving in the Indian Armed Forces. 
  4. Martyr: Due consideration is given to the student, who has lost his/her father/mother during his/her service either in War, Terrorist Warfare or Govt. Operation. 

Ex-Aakashians Scholarship / concession are offered to our ex-students - 

  1. Who has once studied in any of the courses at Aakash. 
  2. He / she must have paid full course fee. 
  3. Left out / Droppers will not be given this benefit. 

It is the responsibility of the student to apply for the above mentioned concession criteria at the time of admission. In case he / she does not apply for the same for whatsoever reason, the concession will not be granted or adjusted at later stage.  

Note: The scholarships are offered only on Tuition fee. The student is required to submit the proof for the same to avail respective scholarship(s). Details & eligibility of the scholarships are given in the subsequent sections. 

Scholarship means Fee Concession, Fee Discount and Fee Waiver: If at any point of time government decides to charge GST on the scholarship / concession amount / fee waiver and in prize money, then the GST shall be borne by the students/ parents/ guardians.  

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